TaylorMade Plumbing & Solar offer a full range of Plumbing services. Our vans carry comprehensive stock so most plumbing jobs can be completed on the spot. If you don’t see what you’re looking for just contact us and we’ll be in touch – and if we can’t sort you out we’ll point you in the right direction.



If your hot water has suddenly gone cold, you want to improve your water pressure, or your cylinder is leaking we’ll get you up and running again.

You will most likely have one of the following hot water systems in your house:

  • Low pressure hot water systems which can either be fed via a roof tank or pressure reducing valve
  • Medium pressure hot water systems which are fed via a pressure reducing valve
  • Main pressure hot water systems which are fed via a limiting valve

They’re all similar in set up. If you are currently on a low pressure system and want something better, medium or mains pressure system may be the answer you are looking for. We can sort you out.

Most hot water systems will suffer from the same problems regardless of the type of system that is installed. For example: boiling hot water. This can occur when your hot water cylinder valves are failing and allow water to pass through them constantly. As your cylinder ages, it will develop leaks in and around the system. We’ll come and sort you out to stop hot water being wasted and ensure that you have hot water for your needs around the house.

You can find out more about hot water cylinders on our Tips and Advice page.



A water main is the main feed to your house. It is normally supplied from your district council and can be metered. The council have their own requirement as to how the water main has to be installed, and this can sometimes mean that a method of backflow prevention is required. Once the council have connected mains water to your boundary, you will have a water pipe in the ground that goes from your Toby to your house, supplying your house with cold water. This is known as your water mains.


It is the council’s responsibility to provide you with a working means of isolation, whether this be a turn off tap, a toby or a stopcock. This is normally found under ground, either outside your boundary or just inside it, and can be accessed through a purpose build Toby box. A Toby box normally has a blue or metal lid, and under that you will find the isolation tap/valve for your property. Make sure you know where your Toby is and how to turn it off, so that if you have a mains pipe burst, you can shut it off to prevent further water damage while your pipes are being repaired.


Because your mains water pipe is used whenever you turn a tap on in your home, it can be prone to leakage, and in many cases this a result of the pipe’s age. Sometimes the fix can be as simple as finding the leak and putting a new join in the pipe where the leak is. Other times a new pipe needs to be run and this can be completed in a way that minimises damage to the lawn, garden or driveway while the work is done. Just turn off your water and contact us to sort it out.



Roofing and spouting issues can be a very grey area in the trade industry for most people. One of the questions we are usually asked is “do you fix roof leaks or who should I call to look at the leak in my roof or spouting?”

The reality is a plumber, a builder, a roofer or a spouting installer could all potentially fix the problem. We are able to assist with a wide variety of solutions to leaking roofs or spouting around your property. In most roof cases, the leak is caused by flashings wearing out or the cladding on the roof. Generally these will need to be resealed or replaced. For spouting, you may have rusted or broken spouting that needs repair.

Most of the repair work we complete on roofs is leaking flashings around the roof (such as where a pipe may come through and the rubber seal is no longer leak proof) and minor cladding repairs. With spouting we do repair or replacement of plastic spouting and smaller sections of metal spouting. In many cases, specialist roofers or spouting installers prefer not to complete the smaller repair jobs, in favour of installing complete new roofs and spouting systems.



Such a common problem in winter in the Southern Lakes. Every June we get the inundated with calls  – it goes without saying that prevention is much better than cure here. For advice on how to prevent burst pipes head to our Tips and Advice page so that we hopefully don’t have to hear from you next winter!