Whether you’re building for the first time, building your dream home, or if you’re a Property Developer, you can be sure our Plumbing services are of the highest standard with our Quality Control processes. TaylorMade Plumbing & Solar have specialist experience working with highly architectural designs to make sure the plumbing systems are installed to the standard they should be.

If you’re new to the house building process, you’ll need to know that your Plumbing will be completed in 3 stages.

Stage 1 – Pre-Slab Plumbing

As the name suggests this is the plumbing that needs to go in before your slab is poured, after we’ve dug the majority of your drainage. During the pre-slab plumbing the waste services are installed into the foundation to take the waste from your fixtures out to the drainage channels. Some water or hot water cylinder (if you have one) services may also be installed during this stage.

You need to make sure you’ve chosen your plumbing fixtures by this stage so that the waste points can be installed to suit them. Changing the waste points after the slab has been poured is a major (ie expensive) job so you want to avoid having to do this. We’ll organise the Council to inspect our work before the concrete is poured.

Stage 2 – Pre-Pipe Plumbing

As your house starts to make progress, the walls are up and the roof is on, TaylorMade Plumbing & Solar will come back to run all the water and waste services as per the plans we’ve been supplied. We’ll work with the owner to establish exactly where the shower and bath mixers and all of the fixtures are to be positioned.

All the waste pipes will also be set to suit the fixtures during this stage, and the shower trays are installed. We’ll then set up a test to make sure the pipework is pressure tested to make sure there are no leaks.

Stage 3 – Fit-Off

Your house is nearly finished – there is paint on the walls, floor coverings are down and the kitchen cabinetry is in. We will once again return to install and connect all of the fixtures and the fittings to the previously installed water and waste pipework as per the house plan. We’ll also put in a main terminal vent for the drainage system. Once this is all done we’ll check again for leaks and check the fixtures to make sure they are working correctly.

Once all the trades are complete, the Council will come back and inspect the work before you are issued with your Code of Compliance which means you can then move into your new home. TaylorMade Plumbing & Solar will have your work completed to all relevant building codes, by licensed plumbers, and to your complete satisfaction.

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